The most important rules FAIR PLAY NO GLITCH ! (SKILLPOINT)
1. All teams need to be ITFA-CSVP COUNTRY U21

2. All the players must register on the page.
3.Before start the game you need upload LOBBY PICTURE OF YOUR TEAM at FACEBOOK PAGE HERE..
4. 2 games with the same opponent. GOING AND RETURN EACH game is worth 3 points

Ronda 1 mexico vs usa

Ronda 5 usa vs mexico.
5 .Minimum number of players in the field are 9


7 Do not obstruct the goalkeeper in standing balls as a corner kick and free throws.
8  Each team can play a maximum of one game up to 15 minutes (if a goal has fallen, it will be transferred to the next game, please remember the pictures)
9  The teams have to set the play 24 hours before game.
10 If a match was made and the team does not appear 15 minutes. Waiting period. Then the game is rated with a Defwin.
11 Please post a screenshot of the result goals and assists   after the games in update on the web page or assist its not account.
12 Help your opponent do not block and search for the default FARPLAY all the time.