In order to get as close to "our way" to run a competition as real as possible in FIFA would like to highlight some details about what your experience in this game.

Currently we have about 800+ players in our Pro Clubs & Groups 1v1 is soon to be held, where many are involved in one or other of the powers that are exclusive to PS4 due to various reasons.

Esta página web, esta echa para todos ustedes donde habra torneos sobre FIFA 16.

– 1 VS 1 where you can demonstrate your ability.

– PRO CLUBS it is a mode of FIFA 16 online game where you can create a Virtual Pro player and play your own position in the field with your fellow realistically as you can live football online. The more games you play and unlock more feats, Virtual Pro unlock your best attributes and appearance options. Play casual games or join a club or create your own to get points with your own club.

You can also interact with us, MarDar photos from your club oh video, contact us, ask questions and send suggestions and comments on our way as we have the web and Administration page, ensuring to serve them and respond as soon as possible with a problem that have.

A cordial greeting.

We hope to meet your expectations with quality and satisfaction quickly because it is our true FIFA16 philosophy of work.